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Duration: 9:40

Language: French 

Lydia, a foreign student in France, must go to the police station to identify the individual who stole her phone. As the procedure progresses, she finds herself trapped between her doubts and the complexity of her situation.

French-Iranian director, Guillaume Darius Khodavesi has been involved in creation for over 7 years. Living between Lille and Paris, he strives to capture the reality of his complex roots through images. Between the place he grew up in, the quintessentially working-class region that is the North of France, and the place he tries to escape to, the remote mountains of Iran. Starting as a music video director, he quickly delved into the art of film writing, learning by himself.

Director: Guillaume Darius Khodavesi

Producer: Ariane Metais & Guillaume Darius Khodavesi

Screenplay: Guillaume Darius Khodavesi

Cast: Sonia Bendhaou, Marion Jadot, Mathieu Espagnet, Claire Ganaye

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