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Duration:  8:55

Language: Turkish

Omar is a cleaning worker at a company. The cleaning machine is under his responsibility. One day, Syrian Mahmud starts to work in the company. The boss gives the cleaning machine to Mahmud because he is lame. With this incident firing the wick of hatred towards refugees, Omar does his best to intimidate Mahmud. Omar is the embodiment of racism and especially discrimination against immigrants.

AHMET SERDAR KARACA He is Istanbul-based filmmaker who received his undergraduate degree in filmmaking. He holds a Master's degree in Film and TV Production with Cinematography from the University of York where he was graduated with distinction. He also works as a cinematographer. The Other is his second short.

ALPER BOZKURT He was born in 1992, in Turkey. In 2015, he studied "Filmmaking" with a full scholarship at New York Film Academy. After returning to Turkey, he started to work as a screenwriter in the film industry. Recently, he has been doing his masters in MA Screenwriting at University of the Arts London.

Director: Ahmet Serdar Karaca, Alper Bozkurt

Producer: Ahmet Serdar Karaca

Screenplay: Ahmet Serdar Karaca, Alper Bozkurt

Cast: Mustafa Raşit Karabağ, Ömer Çolak, Ahmet Fazlı Solmaz, Recep Aygül.

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