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In a land occupied by a tyrannical army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private. Many of the people and soldiers do not even know what a plant looks like, until one day, a soldier finds a seed buried deep down in the dust. His curiosity is the beginning of something extraordinary.

Director: Farnoosh Abedi

Producer: M.Reza Karimi Saremi, Negah Khezre Fardiar, Mohammad Ghaffari

Screenplay: Farnoosh Abedi, Pegah Fardiar

Cast: Samin Ghorbani

2022-THE SPRAYER E..jpg

Farnoosh Abedi was born in Isfahan, Iran in 1985. He graduated in Theater from the Art & Architecture University. He has been making animations since 2000. He directed more than 20 short animated films, 2 TV series, 2 documentary films and several TV commercials.

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