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Yugoslavia, 1991. Far away from the war zones, Branka gets a job in the maternity ward of a state hospital. The young woman is all alone, but it turns out loneliness is not the hardest burden Branka has to carry when she realizes newborns are disappearing from the hospital.

Film director and cinematographer Akos K. Kovacs was born in 1991 in Yugoslavia. He studied Cinematography at the Metropolitan University in Budapest. He made his debut at the Berlinale Generation in 2014 with his graduation film "Away" (Directed by Roland Ferge), which earned an honorable mention of the International Jury of Generation Kplus. Following this success, he started to work as a screenwriter and film director. "Branka" is his first short film.

Director: Ákos K. Kovács

Producer: Gabor Osvath, Zsuzsi Gyurin

Screenplay: Akos K. Kovacs, Tamas Olah

Cast: Dina Musanovic, Nenad Pecinar, Dorottya Antoci, Natalia Vicei

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