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Abia is a Syrian refugee living in Jordan with her husband. Suffering under the oppression of an arranged and abusive marriage, she searches for salvation from her desperate situation.

Sam Nutt is an award-winning producer-director hailing from Northern Ireland, now based in London. His extensive portfolio spans a diverse spectrum of creative endeavours, encompassing music, commercials, branded content, broadcast, and film, on both national and global stages. Throughout his career, Sam has had the privilege of collaborating with a stellar array of talent, including notable figures such as Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Jude Law, Lewis Capaldi, and The Prince and Princess of Wales. His creative prowess has also been sought after by prominent brands and enterprises, including Coca-Cola, Universal Music Group, PepsiCo, Sony Music, BBC, and more. With an impressive track record of delivering exceptional content and collaborating with top-tier talent and brands, Sam Nutt is dedicated to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity in media and entertainment.

Director: Sam Nutt

Producer: Joan Burney Keating MBE

Screenplay: Sam Nutt

Cast: Raean Al Masri

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