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Duration: 6:48

Language: Arabic

An Iraqi film that tells the story of a paramedic working in a field hospital during the war, where a girl is found under the rubble of a destroyed house.

Mohammad Khalil born in 1986, from Iraq holder of Bachelor of science degree in the media section of radio and television from the University of Imam Khadim in Baghdad. He began his career in 2004 where he trained in the field of television editing at the professional course, and then worked as an editor and a photographer in several television channels inside and outside Iraq, Including Al-Forat Tv, Beladi Tv, Kuwait Tv, Al-Jazeera Tv and other television channels. In 2017, Mohammad moved to the cinema where he and some of his friends worked with a film production team.

Director: Mohammed Khalil

Producer: Mohammed Khalil

Cast: Ameer Ihsan, Mohammed Khalil, Dr. Thamer Almusawi, Mohammed Alshammari, Ali Khayoun

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Dreams Under the Rubble.jpeg
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