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Duration: 5:46

Language: Turkish

Muhammed, who loves to draw pictures, is the son of a Syrian refugee family living in Turkey. In an art lesson, when all of the students draw colorful pictures, Muhammed draws a picture about war. His classmates are saddened by this, and try to improve his picture. The kids turn a combat plane into a blue cloud, bombs into balloons, and they repair a devastated house and try to color the life of their refugee friend Muhammed as much as they can.

He was born in 1989, in Mersin. He graduated from Mersin 19 May High School in 2006. He entered the Department of Turkish Language and Literature Teaching at Erzurum Atatürk University in 2007. Currently, He is working as a teacher of Turkish Language and Literature at ITO Girls' Anatolian Imam Hatip High School and is studying his second university in Cinema-Television at Istanbul Kültür University.

Director: Ömer Dişbudak

Producer: Betül Dişbudak

Cast: Muhammed El Yusuf

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