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Duration: 7:50

Language: English, Tamil

Reeling from loss, a refugee father and daughter arrive in Canada, greeted by the raucous noise of the National Air Show. Pushed to relive the trauma of their past, they struggle to find meaning in this longstanding military tradition. The film aims to explore the intersection of Canadian culture and tradition with the ever-evolving climate of diversity.

Maya Bastian is an award winning filmmaker and writer with roots in conflict journalism. Her work has been shown in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, UK, France, Asia and across Canada. Her short drama “Air Show” received national press and is currently airing on Canada’s CBC Network. Her most recent film “Tigress” was produced by Blackout Media and India’s Jar Pictures and was nominated for a CEC Award. Her work frequently explores the trauma related to displacement and migration. She specializes in exploring untold stories from around the world, integrating the voices of each unique community through active engagement, research, and open dialogue.

Director: Maya Bastian

Producer: Maya Bastian & Michael Banasiak

Screenplay: Maya Bastian

Cast: Katsura Bourassa, Akarra Bourassa, Atheetha Bourassa

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