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Duration: 13:50

Language: Turkish

Azad is a child nobody notices. To be more precise, everyone ignores him. His father died during an air raid at the beginning of the war. The only thing left from his father is a football which Azad kept close. He settled next to a shipyard with his mother. Their aim is to move to another country by crossing the sea.

Rasit Algul is a Creative Photographer, Writer, Producer and Director. He was born in Istanbul. He started his career as an advertising and commercial photographer, working both in the entertainment and marketing fields, with considerable experience across multiple forms of media. While he was working as an Assistant Director in feature length films and commercial films, he also contributed to several international productions. He continues his career as a short-film director.

Director: Raşit Algül

Producer: Raşit Algül

Screenplay: Avni Tuna Dilligil

Director Of Photography: Can Dolu

Cast: Baran Yağmur, Miray Beşli Çapa; Yusuf Akgün, Can Köker

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