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Maryam is a 38-year-old woman living in poverty who heads a family of four. She decides to cut off her right hand while working in a poultry slaughterhouse to get insurance money and pay off her debts. She starts to practice with her left hand to do daily chores. However, on the day she intends to amputate her right hand, the machine suddenly jams, and Maryam's left hand is accidentally amputated instead.

Director: Nasrin Mohammadpour

Producer: Fariba Arab

Screenplay: Nasrin Mohammadpour

Cast: Yasaman Nasiri, Roham Asadi, Soheil Rezaei, Leila Dalir

Left Handed-Chap Dast-POSTER.jpg

Nasrin Mohammadpour graduated with degrees in Cinema and Sociology, and also has an MA in Feminist Studies. She is a Writer, Director and Social Worker, who uses cinema to address social issues in the realm of women, family and children. As a social worker, she helps to empower women acting as Head of Households, and works on the issue of child labor as well.

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