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Duration: 12:00

Language: Bosnian, English, Serbian

A group of civilians take to the forest to escape the Serbian army and make it to a safe zone during the Bosnian War. They are forced to stop when a pregnant woman amongst them suddenly goes into labor. Now they must deliver the baby, while also avoiding the approaching soldiers.

Muhammad Furkan Daşbilek was born in Turkey. In 2018, his short film Naftalin was selected for many national and international festivals, and won six awards. ’At a Riverside’ was selected for the International Competition section of the 37th Busan Short Film Festival, and had its world premiere there. ‘At A Riverside’ has won a total of eight awards both in Turkey, and internationally. His film ’Damp’, which he wrote in 2021 with Turan Haste, received support from the Turkish General Directorate of Cinema and TRT’s 12PUNTO. He continues his career as a Director.

Director: Muhammad Furkan Daşbilek

Producer: Turan Haste

Screenplay: Muhammad Furkan Daşbilek

Cast: Ali Pınar, İlter Kapıcı, Gözde Yıldırım, Berker Mehmet Korkmaz

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