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Duration:  8:43

Language: Arabic

Anas is a creative emerging inventor from Yemen. He has many dreams, as well as plans for transforming those dreams into reality. However, the war broke out in Yemen, and he witnessed his plans and the possibilities they promised fade away as the episodes of gunfire and blockade dragged on. One day, he sat thinking of a way out. Distant and near sounds of airstrikes mixed with feelings of loss, rage, entrapment, and desperation, leading him to have one more dream that allows him to escape his reality.

Osama Khaled is a Yemeni filmmaker. He directed and produced ‘The Helmet’, which tells his personal story during the war through science fiction. The Helmet was nominated in seven International film festivals, and won the best short film in the 2019 Karama Festival in Jordan.

Director: Osama Khaled

Producer: Osama Khaled, Ameen Sultan, Waleed Nasser, Yousra Ishaq

Screenplay: Osama Khaled Mohammed Khaled

Cast: Osama Khaled

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