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Duration: 12:15

Language: Farsi 

A man tries to force feed his little girl to gain weight. The family is poor, and he has made an arrangement with an Afghan man to marry his daughter. In exchange for his daughter’s hand in marriage, the groom will pay a bride price based on her weight. However, the young girl is not happy with this arrangement, and she devises a tragic plan to escape her circumstances.

Amen Sahraei is a Director and Writer. She was born in January 1995, in a small city in Iran. In 2018 she directed her first film ”Slow Death”. Her films have been selected and awarded in many festivals, including the 37th Fajr International Film Festival of Iran, the 42nd Mill Valley Film Festival in California, USA, and the Hanover Film Festival in Germany. Her interest in filmmaking centers around social issues and the struggles of ordinary people, in particular women.

Director: Amen Sahraei

Producer: Amen Sahraei

Screenplay: Amen Sahraei

Cast: Afshin Ghiasi, Parasto Rahmat, Rozhina Mirseyed, Hasankhan Hosseini

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