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Duration: 9:40

Language: Wolof

In Dakar, Senegal, 4 young apprentice mechanics mentored by Mawbé, a disabled person, forge a very strong friendship between them. Despite the difficulties, Mawbé keeps his feet on the ground thanks to the solidarity and sharing spirit of his gang. On a daily basis, he teaches his trade to his loyal apprentices. One day, Mawbé is involved in an accident. The children decide to make a gift for him. For this, they will have to show solidarity, stay motivated, and redouble their creativity, despite their lack of financial means.

Mame Selemane Dieye is a Director and CGI artist based in Dakar, Senegal. He has years of experience in editing, composting, script writing, post-production, and has directed several films. In all his work, Dieye gives the greatest importance to the human aspect, the emotion and the sound environment of his creations, from the meticulous choice of music to the precision of the sound design.

Director: Mame Selemane Dieye

Producer: Mame Selemane Dieye & Laurent Yannick Dorego

Screenplay: Mame Selemane Dieye & Laurent Yannick Dorego

Cast: Mamadou Barry, Boubacar Sidy Ba, Lamarane Ba, Souleymane Diallo

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