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Duration: 12:00

Language: Turkish

Esma and Serpil are two little girls living in the village of Bingöl. One day, Serpil reads a book about Africa and tells Esma that the children in Africa are suffering from hunger. Serpil and Esma think that it is their responsibility to help the African children, so with their childish imagination and desire to help, they take off on an exciting adventure.

Hasan Serin was born in 1984 in Bingol, Turkey. After graduating from Kadıkoy Anatolian High School, he studied cinema at Istanbul Yeditepe University with a full scholarship. During his years as an undergraduate, he carried out several short film projects. In 2009, after graduation, he established his own production company, Alternatiffilm. He directed several company films and commercials since then. His last short ‘Agri and the Mountain’ has been screened in more than 30 international and national film festivals, and received many awards. Hasan was selected for Berlinale Talent Campus in 2015.

Director: Hasan Serin

Producer: Hasan Serin

Screenplay: Hasan Serin

Cast: Yagmur Korlaelci, Sevval Elci, Saadet Serin

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