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Duration: 17:20

Language: Farsi

An Afghan woman hides her child in a bag because she does not have enough money to pay smugglers to take them both across Iran’s border. On the way, her plan is exposed, and she is forced to make a difficult decision.

Mosayeb Hanaei was born on March 20, 1986 in Shiraz, Iran, and is a graduate of Filmmaking from Sura University of Tehran. The short film ’Before Darkness’ is his first professional short film.

Director: Mosayeb Hanaei

Producer: Fariba Keshavarzi

Screenplay: Mosayeb Hanaei

Cast: Shahbanoo Mohamadi, Iraj Tadayon, Reza Ahmadi, Narges Hazare

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Before Darkness Poster.png
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