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Duration: 9:45

Language: Italian

A young boy just arrived in Italy from a distant country, and the dreams of possibilities for his future collide with the terrible truth of his current reality

Marco Di Gerlando was born in 1980. He graduated in Directing from the Genoa Film School. With his short films he has won numerous awards at various festivals including the Reelshow International Film Festival in London. In 2015 his short LA MOSCA was presented in the Elements +6 section of the Giffoni Film Festival. Marco also carries out cinema workshops for children, in collaboration with schools and cultural associations.


Ludovica Gibelli is an actress and director. She has worked for years in theater and dance. She studied Theater Pedagogy at the Silvio d'Amico Academy of Dramatic Art in Rome. She graduated in Educational Theater from S.E.T.E. and graduated in Directing from the Genoa Film School. She conceived and coordinated the ZuccherArte School of Cinema, and is responsible for the children's projects "La Botteguccia della Fantasia". With the short films made as part of the courses she conducted, she has won numerous awards including the MyGiffoni award at the Giffoni Film Festival.

Director: Marco Di Gerlando, Ludovica Gibelli

Producer: Scuola di Cinema per Ragazzi Zuccherarte

Screenplay: Marco Di Gerlando

Cast: Leonardo Dei, and the students of the Zuccherarte School

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